Friday, December 19, 2014

We're Making an Impact! Part Three: Rosint Junction Story

A local aid worker in Sierra Leone shared the following story with us:

"A husband and father of five children went to a funeral ceremony in Makeni. Upon his return, he complained about feeling sick. He left the larger family compound to go to the smaller family compound just off the main road to avoid being tracked by other villagers who might dial 117 [Sierra Leone's emergency number] for him. After just a few days in the new compound, he died and was tested positively for Ebola after his burial.

The two compounds--with three and one families respectively--were quarantined. A few days later, the man's wife fell ill and is currently at the Government Hospital Holding Center.

It was just today (November 22nd) that two of the children were collected by the ambulance for complaining about being sick. The Elder of the three families in the larger family compound expressed his thanks and gratitude to World Hope for being so generous [through providing food for the family members in quarantine]."

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